Youtube comments are not loaded

In Youtube, comments aren’t loaded, just loading icon spins.
I have this issue with Windows 10, Brave version is 1.1.22. There is no problem in Ubuntu 18.04. with same Brave version. It occurs even when shilds are down.

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First, try clearing the cache and site data for Youtube – Lock icon in address bar --> Site Settings --> Clear data

If that isn’t successful, go to youtube, open your Shields panel and change the cookies setting to Allow all cookies and allow the page to refresh. Let me know if this works for you.

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We had a similar issue report on Twitter the other day, try logging out of youtube and logging back in.

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In site settings, it says “No usage data” and “0 cookies in use”. Anything in shild settings doesn’t work.
@fanboynz I don’t login Youtube.

Can you confirm that you tried my suggestion? Also, you should try clearing your cache/site data for Youtube and try again. Lock icon --> Site Settings --> Clear data

I can’t clear data because there is “no usage data”. Also I reset site settings.

I have the same issue with 1.1.23 in Windows 10. Reset settings (Settings/Additional settings) fixes it for me temporarily, but the problem comes back later.

Can you try creating a new profile (or using a private window) and try viewing YT comments again to see if you get the same results?

I used a private window, and it worked; however, I would rather not go into private every time I want to watch a YT video.

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Creating new profile works for me.

@LeonardoDePisa @kadir,
Both of your solutions work because private windows and a new profile both would have no prior browsing data. Try clearing your browsing data/cache (may have to do for all time) on your normal browsing profile and try again.

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