Youtube comments don't load in Brave Browser

I can’t see the comment section in YouTube. Viewing videos is fine, however, the comment section doesn’t load. It’s like Brave Browser is getting worst with each update. First, I stop getting ad views for months now; now this problem. Could anybody help? I like Brave and it’s potential but quite frankly, it needs work.

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Not a Brave specific issue. Clear cookies/cache for youtube. Then re-login.


Thanks a lot. Just one more question, why can’t I clear search text on some websites (for example, wikipedia)? I cleared my history and everything, but it’s still there. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Settings
  2. Privacy and security
  3. Clear browsing data
  4. Advanced.

Just select the options you need (Or select them all). Brave and Chrome use the same settings here.


I have cleared them. However, the searched words as still there. I usually clear my browser every other week or so. For example, I searched for a name of a book on Wikipedia. After clearing the browsing data every time, the book name is still there when I try to search (along with other search words). It’s just a little annoyance, but I can’t seem to fix it. I know this browser is similar to Chrome, but for whatever reason, this only occurs with Brave.

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I did test this briefly (assuming I’ve got the questioning correct)

Time Range, Select All Time and tick Auto Form Data then Clear Data.

Any saved Search queries were cleared. Some sites use their own form completion/saving (like wikipedia, reddit etc) This is only applicable to a basic form.

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I always clear the “Autofill form data” whenever I’m clearing the Brave Browser. The search queries are still there. However, if some specific sites (such as wiki, etc.) have their own saving put in place, I guess it can’t be helped? Anyways, thank you for your help. It was much appreciated.

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