Youtube channel is not verified


I added my Youtube channel and verified uphold account since December 2018 on brave publisher website. , still my youtube channel is not verified and I didn’t receive any BAT token to my Uphold wallet.
I attached a screenshot is here for your reference.

your kind support in this matter is highly appreciated.

Best Regards
Muhammed Rasheed UPH


Hello, thanks for reaching out. Can you tell us your YouTube channel so we can check to see if it’s showing up as verified from our perspective?


Please see my account screenshot and URL


Hello, please remove ?view_as=subscriber from the URL. Thank you!


Hello Sir ,

Now my YouTube channel is verified . Thanks for your kind support.

Your screenshot for my wallet is showing 145 BAT token . But my wallet is showing only 30 BAT .
now I send 25 BAT as tip to my Uphold wallet . remaining is 5 only . Please see attached screenshot


I just have more BAT than you :).


Ok . Thanks for your reply

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