Youtube blocking brave again

@GKeeper316 Please provide information and try the steps listed below.

  1. What version of Windows are you using? (And is it on a VM or anything or is it normal desktop/laptop?)

  2. What version of Brave are you using (please give exact version number)?

  3. Provide a screenshot of your info at brave://components. I especially want to see what it shows for Brave Ad Block Updater, Brave Ads Resources, and Brave Ad Block List Catalog

  4. Open in private window and try

  5. Screenshot of your Create Custom Filters area at brave://settings/shields/filters (is it blank or have you added anything?)

  6. Create a new profile (Hamburger Menu imageMore ToolsAdd new profile). Don’t add extensions or change settings, just test out of the box.

  7. Download Brave Beta and/or Brave Nightly and see if you have problems there as well.

Most of us have no issues. As has been explained time and time again in places like NOTICE: Youtube ads bypassing Shields — issue is known or YouTube Aggregated issue (Merged Topic) is that YouTube is constantly changing things. It doesn’t matter if you’re on Brave, Vivaldi, Firefox, Waterfox, Safari, Chrome, Edge, or whatever. Nor does it matter if you’re using Shields, uBlock, uBlock Origin, Adblock, or any other adblock…all browser and adblock technology get impacted and have to make adjustments to filters.

The other headache to things though is a lot of people use a variety of extensions that cause issues. People also try to customize things, adding custom filters and all which can end up triggering responses. In order to get the best results, you have to limit the extensions and programs you have running.

The best overall solution for most of us is to ditch YouTube entirely as they are trying to play these dumb games and wage a war against anyone trying to avoid their ads. It even has impacted places like Revanced App