YouTube bleeding colours out of the video player

Why is this a thing? Not only does Brave change all of your fonts last time I checked on the YouTube videos, now it ALSO makes them bleed out colours that are on the edge of the screen? Who thought it would be a good idea and how do I fix this? I looked everywhere for an on/off option and I cannot find it…

It is seriously distracting and hurting my eyes. Could someone please help me to get rid of this? I would appreciate it.

You can clearly see in the 3rd pic when zoomed all the way out there is literally a box outline for this.

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Try this;

  1. Open brave://settings/clearBrowserData and clear browsing data.
  2. Open brave://settings/system and disable hardware acceleration; Relaunch Brave.

If not solved

  1. Open brave://settings/help, click on the word ‘Version’, download latest version and install it.
  2. Restart Brave.

I cleared all of my browser data and it did nothing, hardware acceleration was already off, and I am running the latest version of brave. As for restarting I’m assuming you mean close and re launch which I did and the issue still persists. ;/

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