Youtube playback is a bit dark in the bottom

Hello so today there’s an annoying problem to me when I hover my mouse or pause the video on youtube playback video the video it self becomes a little bit darker down in the bottom here’s what I see

The first Image when I hover or pausing the video

The second without hovering the mouse in the middle and let it play

I don’t think that’s a “Brave browser” problem. I think that specific problem is the result of you playing with the Force Dark Mode for Web Contents option on brave://flags/.
I may be wrong, but it looks that way.

No I didn’t play with brave://flags option it looked like that since I Installed brave Thanks for the respond although

2nd possibility: You have set your computer to a high contrast theme.

This theme can also trigger the same problem that you have right now.

well I had some high contrast made it default and still the problem is still there

is it happening to you?

Yeah, it’s happening to me because the playback interface for YouTube is like this for months. You probably didn’t notice it before until you played a video that is without those black bars on the top and bottom. Try playing a video on another browser and see the problem happening all over again.
No offense man, but you got a big problem if you find that annoying. Because that’s how the playback window on YouTube is.
You thought I was gonna give you some solution, huh? :grin:

Yea I tried a different browser and I noticed a difference between them the other browser i’m using has LESS dark color in the bottom if you want to see

First Image on brave browser :

Second Image on Firefox Browser :

I think it’s brave problem if i’m not wrong they could change this dark color and tune it down

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