Brave browser fonts and videos online

Something is going on with Brave browser. The fonts gray out and become diluted. If I play a video online, the sound is fine but the video blacks out or flicker. I have to stop using the mouse for a few seconds before the video shows back up. I reset browser to default. I reinstalled it. Same result. I use any other browser, and the fonts stay fine and the videos stay fine. I even reset my video drivers and then updated my video drivers.

Anyone know how I can fix this? I even tried deleted the Browser data before trying to install an earlier version. But Brave automatically updated it.

Help. Anyone have a solution?

@Ulyssescpt ,

Brave Support will want to know:

Brave Browser version number

Your computer model

Your computer OS and general version number

Are you using a VPN?

And, did you test: Disable Hardware Acceleration – in a New Window, go to:


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