YouTube Auto Pause using Windows 10 & 11

June '22. You Tube is Auto-Pausing again. I’ve noticed in the past this was corrected with some updates. I need to listen to things through the night, I wake up and it helps me tremendously. YouTube has things just to listen through the night, however it keeps pausing them. I’d rather not have to use another strange app on my browser messing things up. Do you have a “bug” fix for this again? I’m sure the world would greatly appreciate it. Thank You :smiley:

Not changing volume or screen size.
Video does pause on it’s own after a few videos.
Auto Play is on in Brave settings.
Pausing does not go to screensaver.
Box comes up, basically asking if I am there and do I want to continue. I click “Yes”.
This has happened a few times before and stopped after brave updates.

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