YouTube Aggregated issue (Merged Topic)

If Brave can’t block Youtube Ads, Brave have zero value compare to other browser because Brave Rewards is also blocked in many country. So long suckers bye!

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I honestly think Youtube will win this battle. If they have a method of determining who is using an ad blocker and they are willing to block you from viewing the video while using an ad blocker that doesn’t leave many options for the viewer. Hopefully there will be a workaround for this issue but I have a feeling Youtube will now start combating all ad blockers.


I’ve started using Brave recently and only now I am also getting ad block detection. If you are getting a new browser, which one blocks ads best so I can use it?

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Did the issue present with default Shields settings? (yes/)

Does the site function as expected when Shields are turned off?

Does the ad appear when using a Private window as well? (yes/)

What OS are you using when you see the ad? mac

Brave version (check About Brave): Release Notes v1.60.125 (Nov 29, 2023)

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I for one will stop using it. There are alternatives and honestly the content is not worth it. Game reviews? I can read that. Movie trailers? Other sources. Podcasts? Not on another platform means goodbye. Tutorials? I can find courses for 10-20$/euro.

Nah, goodbye Youtube. You only lose if you choose to.


I got the same, where YT threatened me with stopping playback after 3 videos if i keep using adblock(turns out, i just needed to refresh 3 times, what a scam)…
I have everything updated, checked just now.

Now I’m getting this too. In fact, I got so mad I edited the message.

I will check on this later on. If I still get this message and Brave doesn’t update its filters, I’ll also have to replace YouTube. Or I’ll just stop wasting my time on videos all together.


Agree 101%.

Brave Rewards is a joke now, after the requirement to use a private service which does not work in my country, and now I lost all my brave rewards due to the change in Brave. So it is useless now. I was using Brave mainly due to YouTube without ads.

Now, there are no excuses to continue using Brave.

Sadly, none.

But Brave browser value is only on its adblock capability, his BAT was blocked in many country and Uphold and Gemini only accepted by 2 bank (from my last visit), and all my effort on clicking Brave Ads are like flushed into toilet.

If Brave can’t block ads anymore, I will switch back to OperaGX. I not sure about other, from my site, if ads start playing, I simply refresh to skip it, but I highly doubt is Youtube who set to allow skip by refresh, soon the MotherFucker will enforce all humans on universe to watch 10 unskipable ads every 10 minutes.

I installed this browser just for use with youtube, looks like if this gonna be a cat & mouse game that brave arent on it with. if theres no update by the same or next day then your better off using firefox and the old blockers or even just run your own DNS server and have all google ad domains redirect to

Was fun while it lasted :slight_smile:

To work around this, i found disabling shields works.

You can also click on shields > advanced options > allow all trackers & ads

I did this and it appears to be playing now, however with ads. I had mixed results.

Hope this helps. Also hope Brave finds a way around this :pray:


If you still see issues clear the cookies/cache for youtube then relogin. This worked for me

I posted a fix that worked for me

Delete your cookies for youtube AND google, everything should go back to normal. Also remember: if it works, spread the word.

You are partially right, it is related to googles cookies (I think the account ones specifically, but clear them all to be safe).

You need to clear youtube and googles cookies so the last brave update can work to keep them from sticking again.

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Rolled out a test fix in to Brave Ad Block Updater - Version: 1.0.2673 (via brave://components). Force update.

If it still shows, clear cookies/cache on youtube and re-login

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Como o brave tira os anuncios incluindo os dos videos do youtube, o youtube ta ameaçando bloquear os videos se eu nao desativar o adblock, em outras palavras, se eu desativar essa função do brave. eles podem fazer isso se eu nao uso nenhuma extensao de adblock? o que eu posso fazer pra isso nao acontecer sem eu precisar desativar esse recurso do brave?

Looks like it is working, didn’t need to clear any cookies either.

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Thanks for letting me know @Phroster

Where is it on this webshite that dissallows simple words for replies?

is working now in new update Version 1.61.100