"Your connection is not private"

I get this error regularly on numerous sites. When I open these sites in Opera or Chrome - no problem!

@dwells By default Brave loads for HTTPS. Most likely the websites you’re going to ate HTTP only and not secure (HTTPS), so it’s giving you that warning.

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No, it’s not. If you have nothing substantive to say, it’s better to be silent. Again, these same sites work fine in Opera and Chrome.
And I’m talking here about sites like mobile.de and interactivebrokers.com

Clicked first site(indeed it was as you said, request blocked), on the second worked well, while it may be a redirect to the domain i visited.
Brave “forces” every site to load HTTPS if you have enabled.

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Well, based on how you provided absolutely no information originally, a person has to start somewhere. What was shared by me is one of the primary reasons that people have received the notice you got. If you want help, you usually need to provide a lot more information. Heck, even screenshots often help.

I just went to both of them on my Desktop with absolutely no issues.

Okay, if people attempting to help and get info upsets you, then I’ll stop. Peace out


You know, I don’t find any system in this Brave error. I have Brave on 4 computers, and on 3 of them the sites I mentioned work.

Mobile.de - this site is generally one of the largest in Europe, and certainly can not fail :slight_smile:

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