The connection to is not secure

I am unable to connect to device on my own network. “Your connection to this site is not private.” I can ping it.

I have a suspecion that it could be win 11 blocking it.

Brave version (check About Brave):

@rob77 It’s an automatic notice that will come up if it doesn’t load as https. It’s just letting you know it’s not an encrypted/secure connection,

Thanks for responding.
I can’t log in.

@rob77 When you see that window, there should be a Details thing you can click on and then Proceed listed. If you do that, then it should let you access.

After you hit Advanced or More Details, it will look something like below, where you’d just hit Continue or Proceed: not secure - Google Search - Brave 12_26_2022 13_03_11

Like I said, it’s a usual issue. This is because when you try to go to it, it’s not pulling up HTTPS. So it warns you.

I attempt to sign in in a pop-up and the pop-up remains. the screen is blank. I am familiar with the screen you are talking about.

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