"Your changes will take effect the next time you relaunch Brave" Message persists between sessions

Version 1.29.27 Chromium: 92.0.4515.107 (Official Build) nightly (64-bit)

This isn’t an urgent issue or anything, but I felt I should post something about it here. On the latest Nightly build, my settings area in the browser shows the notice “Your changes will take effect the next time you relaunch Brave”, along with a big button saying to relaunch the app at the bottom of the app. The issue takes place when you follow the instructions and relaunch the app as it recommends, the notice does not seem to go away afterwards, no matter how many times I relaunch the browser. I also didn’t make any changes to my settings in the first place, so it didn’t seem like a scenario in which the notice should typically appear.

Like I said, the issue isn’t very important, but I figured I should at least make the Brave developers aware of it. I’ve only tested the issue on the Nightly builds on Windows 10, so I can’t confirm if the issue persists across platforms.

Here’s a screenshot, just so you can tell which notice I’m talking about.

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