YouTube profile pictures bugged

For the longest time using Brave Nightly profile pictures on YouTube display as just grey or missing completely. Disabling shields doesn’t solve it.

  1. Launch Brave Nightly
  2. Go to
  3. See any profile picture of any channel


Profile pictures should be visible always and everywhere

For me it is always reproduceable. There were a couple times when it worked as intended, but I don’t know why and it broke again later anyway

Version 1.58.52 Chromium: 116.0.5845.51 (Official Build) nightly (64-bit)

It is currently reproduceable

I’m using Windows 10. This bug has been an issue for over a year at least.

This is outdated. Current version of Nightly is 1.59.25. Can you try to update your browser and see if the issue persists?

I thought it was weird how could I be on an older build if I regularly update via automatic update, but it seems like after getting a notification about update and pressing “relaunch for update” it relaunches, but never installs updates, so I have no idea how many updates I missed. This is what it says in the about at the moment.

@Changeling weird. Not sure what you have going on. But can you do a favor and just do a manual update by installing Nightly again? Just to clarify DO NOT uninstall or anything. I just want you to download again and it should manually patch everything and have you using the latest version. Plus if you have corrupt files or issues on Brave, this should fix it.

Once that’s done and you’re on the current level, advise if you’re still having issues. If so, will also need you to look at disabling extensions or at least testing in something like a private window to see if issue occurs there.

Just tried it. It still didn’t update. About Brave tab is still the same as the screenshot above, with the same error and same version.

Just tried it in a private window and with all extensions disabled, the issue is still there.

Immediately after receiving the auto update some profile pictures come back, but some don’t as you can see on this screenshot. My Nightly version remains the same nonetheless.