Your browser is managed by your organization

Using current release version as of this date. In viewing the Extensions page, there is a notation at the top of the page stating the above. I don’t have an ‘organization’ - just a standard personal desktop browser install. The phrase implies that the browser is accessible by an external entity of some sort. What does this actually mean? If it is accurate, how do I get it ‘un-managed’?

Dave Elliott

Can you provide more info about your issue @Daiwa?

Brave version, OS, screenshot of the issue, etc will be really helpful. Also, did you download Brave from or other resource?


I’ve had the same issue too.
Here are some screenshots to show what my browser looks like (by the way, I’m using the latest version of Zorin OS linux):

is your OS one of those listed?

If no, it is not supported either. The problem may still be resolved. But you have to give more information, from both :slight_smile: @Daiwa

Zorin is based on Ubuntu, so I think it should be supported.

cc @Mattches @sriram on this. Since it’s my first time to hear this “issue”.

OS is Windows 10 Pro v1803. Brave version is 0.66.99, downloaded directly from the Brave site. Screenshot uploaded by Alex Firth shows the issue - the “Managed by your organization” entry at the bottom of the hamburger menu (same phrase appears at the top of the Settings page). This issue is not present on another of my rigs with Widows 10 Pro v1809 & same version of Brave, FWIW.

I found a solution (German) for the problem in the HP forum.


Hp forum solution

thanks for your contribution to the HP Community.
Why don’t you put Chrome back completely?
If you saved “bookmarks”, save them first.
Then delete the following folder:
“C:\User\your username\AppData\Local\Google”
(AppData is hidden by default)
Start Chrome after that and the browser needs to be reinstalled.
Greetings Oliver

Reset the browser and delete the specified folder.

Since it is not Chrome, the path is not correct.
My theory is to delete this folder:
No guarantee, someone from Brave can add his mustard here.

@eljuno: Hi. Just to add more information regarding this issue. I also downloaded Brave for Win 10 directly from, and I’m seeing the same situation - it is a bit concerning.

From what I can tell, the “organizational” management is coming from a browser policy that is set in the registry:

Can someone at Brave look into where this is coming from? It’s more than a little concerning.