Your browser is managed by your organization

Thanks for the additional suggestions, Mattches.

I have the same set of 4 extensions (Adobe Acrobat, LastPass, Scroll to Top Button and Tabs to the Front - no others) installed on another Win10 rig with same version of Brave that does not display this issue. Just FWIW.


Now that certainly is interesting. Can you try the second suggestion from above and see if you get the notification?

I created a new person and Adobe Acrobat was added automatically - interesting - and the browser is still ‘managed’.

I believe this is caused by installing the LastPass binary component according to this:

I don’t think it’s necessarily harmful, I suspect it may have to do with the way the LastPass binary functions?

Confirming what @local said. It’s because of LastPass. If you don’t need LastPass on your computer, I removed the policies under


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