You sent BAT to Brave Software International!

So, brave out of nothing just stole my bat’s from my wallet in uphold, this is just ridiculous. Brave is not worth, they give you bat and then they take it back.

Brave is a lie

@Elias check your settings at brave://rewards for all of your connected devices.

Do you see:


or do you see:


Yes, but it wasn’t. I Never had it before, never activated it, I have brave for a very long time. Why did it activated on its own? Doesn’t make any sense at all.

@Elias it is enabled by default. The purpose of Rewards isn’t for us just to strictly profit for ourselves but was to support Creators. Our Shields blocks ads by default, which takes revenue Creators need in order to create more content. Our earning BAT was meant as a way to control who we wanted to support. So, at a default, it at least had a 1 BAT Auto-Contribute setting on.

Sure, we can disable it and be greedy if we wish. But at least to answer, it is on by default because that was the original intent and purpose of Rewards.

Generally it doesn’t “turn itself back on.” Many times it’s that people just didn’t notice after adding a new device. But it could be possible something went wrong in an update or you accidentally clicked on it. Lots of assumptions to be made, but I can promise you nothing in Brave is designed to ever turn on the setting if we manually turned it off.

I’m poor man, I’m trying to make some honest money. But leaving “auto-contribute” on by default… dude… this is so wrong. I feel played.

Para mim também apareceu, mas não foi “enviado para a carteira Brave” e sim mostra que “a conta Uphold conectada ao Brave recebeu os BATS”.

Resumindo, eles estão na minha conta Uphold, mas como ela está vinculada ao Brave, aparece na Brave Wallet.

Pelo menos, para mim foi isso que aconteceu. E eu até achei legal, pois consigo monitorar melhor meus saldos BAT.

@Pejotta viu algo diferente. Todos os meses recebemos o pagamento e recebemos esse aviso. Mas se tiveres a contribuição automática activada, ela também removerá algum BAT do teu Uphold. É disso que o Elias se está a queixar.

@Elias sorry you feel that way. You can always create a Rewards Support Ticket at to see if Brave would be willing to reimburse it. That said, it’s not a guarantee and would be them doing you a favor if so.

In the meanwhile, I’d suggest you spend time actually looking through all your settings and you actually read through things like and to make sure you have an understanding of how things work.

Any time you sign up for things or start using a device, you should always go through all settings and make sure you know how things work.

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Você não está entendendo… eles PEGARAM meus bats. Eu recebo os bats na uphold mas dessa vez eles pegaram

I send them a ticket. Yes, the last update activated the “auto-contribute”, and I use brave for over an year, and I never activated it. So, I know how things works here, but to activated it without my consent… ugh… unbelievable.

It’s very abusive what they’ve done.


Agora eu entendi. A primeira coisa que eu faço no Brave é desativar a contribuição automática, sempre. Aliás, já deveria vir desativada como padrão.

Sim, entendi a situação. E é mais inacreditável do que eu pensei. Espero que consiga resolver.

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