I would like my BAT BACK THANKS - I did not authorise it to be taken -

why was it taken without activation or option from me?

what is the point of bat being a so called reward if you take them without us providing permission

what is the point of you promoting uphold if they just funnel your requests?

brave is supposed to be for the people? seem s the opposite right now, shouldn’t i give to creators who i like and when i like?

isn’t that the ethos you sell?

please reply

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They also took 16 BAT from my Uphold account without my consent. They give and then they take. What’s the point of using Brave Browser? Here’s the transaction:

Reservechain (Uphold) transaction: 47b3e511-03d8-4ac1-9c1c-906cd7509c7a
Transaction created using Brave Browser.


Hi @jm123456789, Auto-Contribute is enabled by default. Did you disable it?

@isomania do you have other wallets linked to your Uphold? Were they disabled?

Please DM the email linked to your account. Thanks.

steeven, thanks for answering. I have another computer with Brave installed which is linked to the same Uphold wallet. The thing is: Auto-Contribute should not be enabled by default. I’m so frustrated. I’ve DM’ed you. Thanks.

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