Wrong time zone after OXS update to Sonoma 14.0

Brave is showing the wrong time zone after the recent OSX update.
I have tried to reset Brave’s settings, but it did not change. The time in brave deviates by 1 hour from the system clock.

@christian6 this would be interesting to hear, as Brave goes 100% by your OS settings. Can you advise where you’re looking for the time? I mean, is it actually on Brave or is it a website or app?

I’m appending a screenshot of the MacBook’s time zone settings and one screenshot from a browser test tool.

Additionally, a screenshot of the clock from the top right corner of the screen.


I can confirm that I have the same issue since I upgraded to Mac OS Sonoma 14.0 when using the latest version of Brave (made sure that I am definitely running the latest version).

I am suspecting that there is a bug when converting JavaScript ‘Date’ objects into more human-readable local time formats - at least this is what I have figured out so far. I can confirm that I do NOT have this issue with either Safari or Firefox (correct time is shown), but it also happens in Google Chrome.

I hope that this helps…

What is this screenshot from? What gets me is it’s showing time on server which references a server you’re checking. This could be a website or whatever else. All the rest of it seems to be showing you on the same timezone. It makes sense that whatever server you’re connected might be different.

And that’s even more different. Seems to be showing Eastern Time. But what is your clock on the top right?

Brave’s time is usually on the dashboard, and it takes from OS time.

Guess I’m just trying to figure out if the two of you are using extensions and that’s what you’re looking at for time, or where is it that these clocks exist that you’re checking?

@christian6 @jgschneider

This is something I’ll keep in mind, just in case it’s chromium. Also realize I generally use Windows and don’t have a Mac. But at least am trying to make sure we get as much info as possible to understand where this is appearing and what you’re checking for time. This way it’s easier to help navigate the issue and find a solution. Including the idea of trying to relay info to devs so they can try to replicate.

While some information has been provided, I wouldn’t necessarily say information has been clear on what to look at or how to look there. So it would be helpful if you can go into a bit more detail on that.


The screenshot if from here:

I’m not sure if I understand the other question. My system is set to the time of Mexico City. All applications I have checked (Safari, Thunderbird, …) use that time zone with Brave being the only exception. The clock on the top right of the screen is also set correctly.

Sorry for the belated response, but I have some more specific information to share.

  1. The local time in Melbourne currently is 6:07pm (AEDT) - this is correctly represented by the clock at the top right of the screen (screenshot not included).

  2. If I run https://webbrowsertools.com/timezone/ on Brave (1.58.137 on Mac OS X 14.0), I get the following:

which displays the wrong local time (somewhat ignores that we have switched to daylight saving time)

  1. I am now running the following short JavaScript in a number of browsers (slight differences due to me not being able to run them all at the same time):

now = new Date(); // creates a new ‘Date’ instance with the current time
console.log (now.valueOf()); // shows milliseconds since January 1, 1970
console.log (now); // invokes the ‘toString()’ method on ‘now’

→ Brave (1.58.137)

Fri Oct 06 2023 17:21:09 GMT+1000 (GMT+10:00)

→ Firefox 102.14.0esr

Fri Oct 06 2023 18:20:28 GMT+1100 (Australian Eastern Daylight Time)`

→ Safari 17.0 (19616.

Fri Oct 06 2023 18:19:13 GMT+1100 (Australian Eastern Daylight Time)

→ Google Chrome 117.0.5938.149 (Official Build) (arm64)

Fri Oct 06 2023 17:20:05 GMT+1000 (GMT+10:00)

I hope that illustrates the issue.

@jgschneider @christian6 Two others reported over at Brave does not reflect system time after daylight savings started

Their screenshots and descriptions landed better with my mind and I was able to understand the issue, which then was confirmed to be a Chromium bug and not just something with Brave.

I have tagged in support on it and it likely will be better to follow up on that topic for updates. That said, I’ll go reply with link to this topic over there as well.

Same with me, my brave time and websites like discord are displaying the before daylight saving time as well.

follow-up over at Brave does not reflect system time after daylight savings started