Brave does not reflect system time after daylight savings started

Description of the issue: When I open my browser history in Brave on a Macbook, my activity is reported as occurring at [actual time - 1 hour]. This appears to be a product of daylight savings starting in my timezone. The Macbook shows the correct time.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open Brave browser
  2. History > Show full history
  3. Note the timestamps against recent browsing activity.

Expected result: The browser time is consistent with the system time, taking into account daylight savings.

Brave Version( check About Brave): Version 1.58.135 Chromium: 117.0.5938.140 (Official Build) (arm64)

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I am also having this issue on MacOS 14 with Brave 1.58.137 (ARM64). The issue presents as incorrect time (ignores daylight savings time) on web pages. I don’t see the same issue on Safari on Mac or on Brave on the PC.

@indykat and @Aaron5 hopefully the two of you can be more descriptive than someone else I was trying to speak with on a similar issue.

Where are you checking time? (I see about History, I’ll touch on that too, but is that the only place you’re looking?)

Brave’s only clock is on the Dashboard and all, such as in screenshot below:

And the clock listed on the Dashboard is the same exact time as reported by your operating system. If you change your device’s time, that time will also change.

Everything else goes by the website/server or by some other external measure.

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And in terms of the time on History, that too comes from your device settings. For example, let’s check. I’m writing this at 8:28pm Eastern (I live in Florida). I just checked my History and times show as below:

Then I go to my settings, which showed Eastern Time.

I switch to Central and it changes my time back an hour.

When I go back to History and refresh it…

It’s the same exact History entries as we had above, but the time changed to match with the changes made to my OS. So instead of showing 8:27PM it showed 7:27PM.

This should be the same for you.

So to be clear, you’re saying your OS says one thing but Brave shows something else? I mean, perhaps I was long-winded and said everything just to confirm your issue, but because some others seem to be referencing websites showing different times or external apps being different, I’m wanting to make sure we’re incredibly clear on where we’re looking at and what we’re doing.


Hi Saoiray.

Thanks for your response. My Mac is showing the correct daylight savings time for my timezone (GMT +11). If I go to the DailyFX economic calendar:

it detects my timezone as GMT + 10. If I go to the same website on Brave on my PC (Windows) it correctly detects GMT +11.

The other case where I see a difference is a web app that I use that displays charts and includes the current system time. This time is shown ignoring daylight savings on Brave for Mac. Safari for Mac and Brave for Windows do not exhibit the same behaviour in this web app and correctly show current time as GMT + 11.


And I only just realised, if I create a new tab, the time is off by an hour there as well.

Thanks @Aaron5. That also helped paint a picture more for me, as I don’t use Mac. One person kept talking about a “clock on the upper right corner” but they weren’t able to explain if they meant the OS clock, clock from an extension, another program, or what? Seeing that last screenshot is letting me see that they put the time and all on that upper right on Mac instead of lower right like on Windows or Linux.

It can be tricky as people talk about things because we sometimes take a lot for granted, as if people “should know.”

Could you do a favor and test on Brave Beta or Brave Nightly and see if it happens there as well?

Anyway, I’m going to tag @Mattches and @steeven on this. I’ve seen about 3 people now share this as an issue and it does indeed seem like everyone sharing this is on Mac. So there may be something wrong just for Mac only.

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Thanks for the reply, Saoiray. Aaron5 has already provided some screenshots, but I’ll share mine so you have more evidence. I’ll look into trying on Brave Beta and reply back later.

P.S. I am using macOS Sonoma 14.0 (23A344) if it matters when you’re trying to replicate it.

Screenshot 1: Mac system time with daylight savings in effect:

Screenshot 2: Brave new tab with browser time one hour behind the Mac clock:

Screenshot 3: Brave history with my page visit time an hour behind when I accessed it:

Thank you for taking the issue seriously.

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Heya @Saoiray – I just installed Brave Beta on my Mac. Brave Beta is also an hour behind the Mac system clock:

This looks like a fun/annoying bug. :joy:

Thanks for advising @indykat. Guess one last question they might want to have answered is if you see same or different behavior on Chrome or one of the other chromium browsers.

At least gets idea of whether it’s a Brave or Chromium issue.

Actually just was looking it up, seems Chromium issue.

Something different below but some people trying to merge together, so maybe…

If that’s indeed the case then would be an upstream fix. Hopefully should push through before long. But have @Mattches tagged in to help get right eyes on it regardless

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Thank you so much, @Saoiray. This is my first bug report for Brave, so I’ll check another Chromium browser next time. :pray:

You were so quick to reply that I missed my moment to report on my testing in Chrome. :joy:

For anyone else reading this thread, here’s the evidence that it’s a Chromium bug…

Screenshot 1: Issue replicated in Chrome:

Screenshot 2: Chrome is up to date, running Version 117.0.5938.149 (Official Build) (arm64):

Edited to paste the correct image for #2.

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Other topic where this has been reported: (referencing this for when Mattches visits)

Wrong time zone after OXS update to Sonoma 14.0

@Mattches and @steeven I went ahead and just created a Github on it. Hopefully I got it in the right place.

Thanks for opening the issue @Saoiray. I’ve also updated to macOS Sonoma and the times on my end are matched up just fine. Super strange. WIll see if I can ping someone to take a look asap.

Okay yeah, after further inspection it appears to not be specific to Brave but is likely actually a macOS issue. Looks like other applications are having the same issue.

I’m having the same issue on MacOS Sonoma 14.0 and Brave 1.59.117 / Chromium: 118.0.5993.70 since daylight savings started in Victoria, Australia.

Have switched back to using Chrome in the meantime as it was proving inconvenient for work. Hope this gets fixed soon.

Hooray! I have evidence that the MacOS issue has been fixed. On my machine, Brave’s clock now matches the Mac system time. My Brave browsing history is no longer an hour out of sync. :partying_face:


@Aaron5 @mountmike could the two of you advise if this has been resolved for you in the newer updates?

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Fixed for me as well. Thank you!