Wrong email in the account and can't edit payment details for VPN purchase

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Type of device (iPad pro, iPhone 10, etc):

iOS version ( Settings --> About --> Software Version ):
Catalina 10.15.7
Brave browser build 1.56.20

Detailed description of the behavior:
Went to buy the VPN so created the brave account.
got the authentication link and can login all the time

but the email in my account is incorrect - its missing periods from the address
BUT it still emails the correct email.

and when i went to pay for the VPN it was repeatedly denied. (Not sure if its related to incorrect email)

So two things:

  1. how do i fix my incorrect email in the account page?
  2. and is that related to the payment for the VPN being declined? (also, the incorrect email appears in the pay for the vpn section so im kinda hesitant to pay as its wrong)

Ive emailed support days ago and not heard back.

Im on Nord VPN now and its horrendously slow on my mac to the point work is difficult and i wanted to support you guys and give your VPN a go.

Any tips or resolution is much appreciated

I apologize for the long wait time here.
To answer your questions directly:

  1. The incorrect email being displayed should not have any affect on your account — you should be able to login either using or excluding the . characters
  2. Unfortunately we do not have a ton of control over the cards/activity that Stripe blocks or denies — I would recommend reaching out to Stripe support and seeing if they can help you with that particular issue:

Thank you