MacOS: Assigning different profiles to different "spaces" (desktops)

I use two profiles with Brave - one for home, and one for work.

My desktop has two spaces (on one monitor) - Desktop 1 and Desktop 2. Desktop 1 is my “home” desktop, whereas Desktop 2 is work. I have to keep several browser windows open for work, and I prefer to keep them on the second space. Bookmarks and everything are different as well, hence the need for two profiles.

What I want is to be able to assign Profile 1 (Home) to Desktop 1, and Profile 2 (Work) to Desktop 2. The reason it’s an issue is because whenever I restart my machine, every window from both profiles opens on the main desktop (Desktop 1).

Usually this would be fixed by right-clicking the icon on the Dock and assigning it to a given desktop. For instance, I use certain chat programs for work, and those are all assigned to Desktop 2. However, since Brave is just one application, I can’t seem to be able to do that.

I hope this makes sense! If there’s any way to accomplish this, that would be fantastic. Thanks!

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