Equivalent of Multi-Account Containers or Temporary Containers Extension (FF)

Since Brave has an inherent commitment to privacy, I’d love to see an equivalent of an extension Firefox has—Multi-Account Containers and Temporary Containers extension. They both have a functionalities that complement each other. I love the idea that gives me peace of mind that each time I open a new tab, it creates a temporary (or isolated) container.

If those two functionalities could be combined, this could be a sole reason for more people to switch to Brave.


This is a killer feature for Firefox, and it would be an outstanding addition to Brave.


Having the option to select which extensions runs in those containers would be awesome as well.
I guess these kind of features has low prio compared to everything BAT-related and it might take years before we see this feature unless the Chromium team release it first.

I agree that this is a killer feature of FF but I think Brave should go even further and have a “stateless” operational mode for maximum privacy:

  • Every explicit new tab is in a new container, unless otherwise specified;
  • A whitelist of trusted parties prevents data destruction for that party:
  • favoured first parties, in a first-party context;
  • trusted third-parties,
    • always, whenever a user visits any site, or
    • only upon request, where a user reloads an embedded element;
  • “referer” control (destination origin, explicit user text, actual referer w/(o) path, query;
  • extension control (suppress unwarranted network contact with filters).

In this way you might do your worst. :slight_smile:

Naturally, if Brave is confined to whatever Chromium does, I can just give up and go home. I don’t suppose even Firefox will give me such obviously webmaster-hostile tools.

But it is what I want, and it’d make Brave a force to be reckonned with.

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Another for a Firefox type container. It has become one of my favorite features there.

@Sebby you’ve got the right idea about containers. They are one of those features you may not even imagine wanting let along needing at first. But after having it for a month, wondering why anyone would be so ridiculous as not to build it into every browser. It is like the power open-close door feature for the back hatch door on a SUV.

So, thanks for elaborating on some great ideas for consideration in making this functionality available on Brave. I hope someone is listening, and cannot believe that for anyone who is considering a move to Brave from FF, that it would not be a pivotal feature.

It is a surprise that it appears to be a lackluster pile-on for wanting containers here, If most people are checking out Brave coming from Google Chrome and have not experienced containers – I suppose that might explain it.

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P.S. Is there any better place to stimulate discussion and engage people to solicit user support for feature suggestions?

Thanks again.