Imagine if Brave only had a singleton window but with multiple profiles

Picture it: You’ve set up multiple profiles and cleanly separated concerns among personal, work, shopping profiles. Cookies, bookmarks and history are all separated. But under the hood you see the ugly truth: Brave on desktop (Mac OS) merely opened a new window for you to work in. This is clunky and needlessly uses up precious resources. Wouldn’t it be better if you could switch among your profiles while they live within the same window? The alternative is crazy: do you have 8 profiles? Congratulations! Now you’ve opened 8 windows! Please make all profiles live in one Brave window to rule them all.

I have 9 profiles, but they’re not all open at the same time. I often have 4 open, but they’re in separate desktops/workspaces, so having them in separate windows is essential for me.

That’s fair. Perhaps it could be configurable. Turn it on or off.

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