Withdraw BAT from brave wallet without using Uphold due to privacy consent

Due to uphold rules we need to verify our account need to share passport, selfie, etc but as brave respect privacy why the brave team has selected uphold as their transaction partner they require our all details. Why not just withdraw directly from brave to Binance account which supports bat trading or any other platform which doesn’t require KYC.

I am not a technical person but what if there is a way were uphold data is matched with brave rewards. Currently, browsers are using IP addresses to track users but if there is a way to link brave rewards to uphold then everything is connected to our government identity with a selfie.

As much as I know about crypto, every coin which is been rewarded by watching ads has its unique id if we are sending these coins (which has its unique id) to uphold it can map these ids to user data which we have provided to uphold.

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I would also like to know if there’s another way to get these Bats.

As far as I know there’s only two options we have Gemini and Uphold.

I think Brave Should have its own exchange.

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Just drop the idea you’re even earning tokens and your life will be a whole lot easier. I was scammed with this offer and now they’re mapping me with Uphold with every movement I make with them. Was a stab in the heart when I worked this out…


let me dive into that and if it true then i would be out of brave

Thanks for sharing this info with us. If Brave keeps doing this then it will not last long! Even the bat price is going down!

It’s easy for this type of huge company to tie up with more trusted exchanges but no they stick with Uphold! This is why they only have only one option “Uphold” just so they can collect and share information with a reason “We do not collect the info but the exchange we tied with will require in order to verify you”.

Also why they do not let us set our own BAT Wallet Address rather than making it necessary to connect Uphold!?

Let’s talk about Gemini, now yet another Information hungry company they tied up with!!

According to bitdegree Gemini cons.


  • Requires lots of personal information.

This one alone line explains a lot!

Why they tie up with this type of exchange!? Doesn’t we have Coinbase or other trusted exchanges??? Ohhhhh because brave want “lots of personal information”!

The Brave Ads according to them the Browser is privacy friendly but they show us targeted ads and to target ads they have to collect our behavior and the information of our visits on different sites.

The catalog and client.json file you found @justsomeone1 @ShineWhine @Rotblut says a lot about how the ads are being served.

Background images! Yeahhh I always skeptical about this why they show background images saying “You’ll get paid for it” and yet there is no way to track how much we getting paid and they let us forget about it saying you’ll get paid every month and when being asked how we get to know they say “Count the bat your received in previous month, the extra you receive is for background images” yet what we receive??? 0.1 BAT or most of the time nothing at all!


Unexpected suspensions! This is really spooky!

They suspend accounts with over 300 or 1000 bats why!? so they can make people to send them the personal information in a legal manner. They know people with higher amount of bats must be popular so they suspend their account and make them send the information how they got this bats and ask for further information in order to collect more info from them.

I maybe wrong but seeing many accounts getting suspend even if they’re legit this is the only reason that can be defined as the real reason.


i totally agree that we have to choose our wallet and in the reward system we get a place to enter the address of our wallet so everyone has the freedom to choose whatever address they like

and if they use uphold or Gemini to reduce the fees of the transferring then they can simply say to collect your bat using other wallet than uphold and Gemini it would cost you x amount extra many would agree if it reasonable amount specially with the low income from those months reward

thanks everyone and have a nice day

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Galat Point pe point thoke ja raha bhai

Itni hi nafraat hai to chodke chale jao Brave ko


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Hahahaha what an edit

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