Can I withdraw ads rewards without Uphold

Hi there,
I want to know if there any possibility that i can withdraw from my brave account without having to connect and verify Uphold wallet !? if i don’t want to have a wallet at that site then i won’t have the rewarded BAT sent to me at any address ?

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For now, no, it´s not possible, you can collect them on your browser wallet but if you want to withdraw (and convert to FIAT for example) you have to pass throught uphold by KYC laws. So, you have 1 of 2 options:

  1. Wait until they add a new withdraw alternative.
  2. Create the account on Uphold.

is there any news about this? can i expect something like that?

As a know i remember an admin talking about it, but they are in negotiation and development.

Anyway, if you want a way to avoid KYC or using wallet/exchange where you don’t need to verify your identity, well don’t think that will happen, if so they had made that from the beginning. Don’t get them wrong but since is a big company they need to have things straight with the state otherwise at any type of eventuality they can be shutdown.

In resume:

  • YES they are working in other withdraw methods.
  • BUT they are going (propably) to need KYC verification.
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Okay … that is good to hear that they are working in other methods!
I’ll wait until another update … i’m not in a hurry to withdraw! anyway the BAT is doing good and might get higher these coming months … i’ll wait and hold :slight_smile:

thanks for the reply… appreciated :slight_smile:


It would be nice to get a timeline.
I fear implementation will take years if they are currently ‘negotiating’.
It is always weird that cryptocurrency is about decentralization but implemented in a central fashion.

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