[WINDOWS 10] Not receiving ads at all

I’ve started using brave browser for a couple of days now and have opted in the brave rewards.
Unfortunately for a reason unknown to me, I’m unable to see any ads at all, not a single one.

I tried following the guide over as posted here:

https://www.p ub lis h0 x.com/tomoyan/brave-rewards-no-brave-ad-notifications-fix-windows-10-xdjznv

but still can’t see any ads. I tried on my other pc also running Windows 10 and can confirm I didn’t see any ads shown.

On my network, I’m using pihole if that makes any difference. Tried running the browser while disabling pihole doesn’t seems to have any effect.

Can someone help?

Should I post these info here?

Wallet info

Key Info Seed: Valid
Wallet Payment ID: x
Persona ID: x
User ID: x
Wallet created: 7/7/2020

Balance info

Total balance 0 BAT
Deposited BAT: 0 BAT
Rewards BAT: 0 BAT
Uphold Wallet: 0 BAT

It seems I now receive ads. All I did was creating a local brave wallet, not sure why that makes any difference as it was supposed to be separate from the rewards. Nevertheless, glad it works now.

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