No ads on Windows 10. Tried all fixes I've found online

I have set up Brave browser on 3 devices. Android phone, Windows 7, and Windows 10 machines. It works fine on my phone and Windows 7 machine. I have yet to get a single ad on the Windows 10 machine. I’ve gone through the FAQs, community guide, and online suggestions.

Focus assist is off. Originally Brave wasn’t showing up in my ‘Get notifications from these senders’ list, but I was able to add it by following steps online. Brave is my default browser. All 3 devices are linked in Brave. I see my balance from my other browser in my wallet. I am getting notifications from Brave browser, including from this site when the first person left a response.

I’m really at a loss here for what to do now in order to get ads to show up.

I’ve gone to brave://rewards-internals/ and my wallet is verified.

There is nothing in my Logs, Promotions, or Contributions pages.

My most recent Event Log entries are:

Logged at Key Value
03/12/2021, 12:52:15 AM ac.enabled 0
03/12/2021, 12:51:20 AM ac.score.a 14200.000000
03/12/2021, 12:51:20 AM ac.score.b -13400.000000
03/12/2021, 12:51:19 AM ac.enabled 1
03/11/2021, 03:30:26 PM anon_transfer_checked 1
03/11/2021, 03:30:25 PM wallet_connected uphold/61d39
03/04/2021, 11:05:21 AM ac.enabled 0
02/23/2021, 12:11:41 AM fetch_old_balance 0
02/23/2021, 12:11:41 AM ac.enabled 1

even i am not getting ads for my windows

@TradeUpCards, could be the same with you

I have all 3 devices going at the same time. I get ads on phone and windows 7 machine if I go use them and never get any ads on the windows 10 machine which I’m on the most. I have never gotten a single ad on this machine. They didn’t stop. They never have come up. I am getting notifications on Brave browser as of yesterday. Still no ads though.

You are on Windows 8. This seems to be an issue with Windows 10 which is common after googling it.

did you try creating the new profile or just discarded it because the O.S is different? :thinking:

I ain’t been getting any ads on Win 10 or Win 7 rigs since about the beginning of the month either. Didn’t get my March rewards too. I’m thinking of just hopping on back to chrome or firefox, Regards all. Captain Proton

Not real clear on this as I’ve seen profile mentioned, but no real clear instructions on it. I never had a profile set in the first place. All 3 devices are linked. I see the same wallet on the Windows 7 and Windows 10 machines, but a different wallet on phone. I did go in and edit my profile name yesterday, but I see nowhere to add a new profile or remove the one that is there.

Hey, so I had an issue with this and what worked for me is going on any site that asked to display notifications and allowing a test notification (such as brave community), then it seemed to work for me so for any others who haven’t tried that you should try it. ( this brings brave browser into windows 10 notifications so you can get brave ads)
But have you tried restarting your computer after getting notifications through brave? That could possibly solve it

I have not restarted since starting to receive notifications in Brave browser. I’ll do this at the end of the day today.

Howdy Zoo,
Thanks mightily for taking the time to share your tip. Just one thing, for an oldster like me could you please clarify " going on any site that asked to display notifications and allowing a test notification" I don’t quite get the gist especially how I’d go about Test notifying.
Thanks again and you have a good day
Captain Proton


Hi, CaptianProton, an example would be if you clicked enable notifications on brave community, a tiny window pops up where you would want to click “allow notifications”.
Some websites will ask you to enable notifications but you might need to wait until someone interacted with your account.
An alternative, I used the site JohnDproof posted, it allows you to send yourself a notification whenever you choose. All you have to do is click authorize on there for the “allow notifications” window to pop up.
Then click show and if the notification works, now you have brave sending notifications!
now brave will pop up in notification settings
Also if you happened to want to remove the permission for a site to send notifications it would be at this link

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Spokey Dokey Zoo, I think I got them notification thingies happening for Brave community. I’ll trying turning the Computers off and on and see if it helps.
Thanks again Amigo

I had the same problem, after many attempts this fixed for me

Hope it helps

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Hey Zoo Man! Captain Proton here. I tried all your tips and tricks to the best of my sadly limited ability but… Still no go. Ads ain’t showing up and rewards are still missing in action. But I just want to say a big old thank you for taking the time to try and and help out an old Cowpoke. Kinda restored my faith in, if not the whole of Humanity, at least this little corner of it on the WWW. Ride well my man. Regards, Captain Proton


Yes, already had seen that post and done all those things.

Restart did nothing new. Still no ads

I was just about to reply that I wasn’t getting ads as well, but then an ad literally popped up just now :rofl:. I gave up trying to figuring out why it doesn’t work a lot of the time. It’s ability to work seems random at best. Before this random ad popped up, the last ad I got was like 2 months ago. Brave’s ad reward system is not what I would call consistent. It definitely needs work.


Finally saw the ‘Create new Profile’ in the menu. Previously, my profile was not showing up in the browser bar.

After creating a new profile, my original one that is linked to the other devices is now showing up as pictured above. Still haven’t seen an ad with either profile.