Windows 10 accent color shown as 1px line on top of browsing window

The Windows 10 accent color (blue in this case) is shown on top of my browsing window at all times. This has persisted across clean installs of both Brave and Windows. All settings related to showing the accent color on borders are disabled, and this issue is not present on any other browser or app on my system. This appears to be a Chromium bug from two years ago and it’s astonishing that this has not been fixed in Brave. Solutions given when this bug has been brought up previously have been to just set the accent color to black, when this hack is not necessary on any other browser, chromium or otherwise, that I know of. It appears on every Windows system I install Brave on, varying from desktops to laptops to tablets, so this is clearly not an isolated issue. Please incorporate whatever fix chromium evidently used to remediate this two years ago, it looks seriously unprofessional.