Blue line in the top title bar

I’m having an issue where there is a blue line on top of the windows like such

As you can see there is a horizontal blue line on the top of the title bar, I found a few GitHub requests, but it seems that there isn’t any solution right now.

Just wondering if anyone has any other solutions for this problem.

This is my setting for my accent colors. I don’t like the border around the windows.


Every program has a blue outline when in windowed mode. There is no way to change that. Title bars and window borders are only for the bar where the title is displayed.

Brave is the only one that has a blue outline and it’s only at the top. every other app outline is like black around the edge, and it’s not blue.

Hey @Maledis87 !

When you change the Window color, does it also change the color of the Brave window line?


If I change it to another color, it does change the color for the line on brave.

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Can you follow this link and turn off Title bars and window borders ?

Let me know if it works,


I tried that before coming to this forum, I can change the color of all accent and borders, but then it will make all apps/borders look that color. What I want is to use default setting on dark mode were the border isn’t noticeable and have my windows dark mode, not a specific color. Hope this makes sense,


It’s basically normal. Task manager also does the same thing. I don’t know if there is a way to turn that off or not, sorry.

Sorry for the late response. I found a work around to turn the accent color darkest I could and it removed the blue line. Thanks again.

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