Will Brave show as a Chrome browser from now on?

I only use Brave browser.
Lately financial accounts which track user access by location, browser type, and operating system have been sending me notifications of my accounts being accessed by a chrome browser.

I thought someone was hacking my accounts so I removed all devices, changed passwords, required 2 factor authentication, and started fresh.

After securing accounts by removing all devices and starting over When I logged in to my accounts using Brave I got a notification chrome browser was accessing my account.

My question: Is this because Brave is built on a similar platform to Chrome, or is something else going on?
My wife does use chrome so We do have chrome on the computer.

Brave using Chrome user-agent to hide it’s users. So when the sites ask, Brave will tell them you’re using Chrome while in fact you’re using Brave. On iOS, you’ll be recognized as Firefox.

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Thank you.
I didn’t know that.

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