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I saw the earlier posts making a difference between Chromium and the Chrome browser pertaining to Brave. I chose Brave for the ability to regulate my privacy. However, when I log into Instagram (see attached) it says I’m logging in with the Chrome browser - when in fact I’m using Brave. I do not have Chrome installed on my machine because Google is too intrusive.Screenshot%20(416)|415x330



This is because Brave “masquerades” as Chrome via User agent string. We have an issue open right now to add a unique Brave UA, captured here:

Don’t worry, there’s no Google there, just us :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply. I’m not sure I understand the logic/rationale for masquerading but the clarification assures I’m not using a Google product.

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There are some bugs in brave and to realize workarounds we need an unique UA. So it’s actually a must-have. I see the idea about privacy, but in this case usability is more important.

Edit: I would extend that change into a feature request. It would be awesome, if the brave shield would have the option to manually switch to the chrome user agent. The reason is, that some websites block unknown browsers like brave and to prevent such problems, there should be an option to change the user agent on the fly, without plugins required. Default should be a brave UA, anyways.

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dont change user-agent, many websites do not accept anything other than chrome, in simple words nobody cares about brave browser yet!!! (vivaldi has this issue now- many websites do not accept vivaldi browser)

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This request is already logged and was linked to in a reply above:

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