Security notifications attribute Brave as Chrome

When logging into various websites in Brave, I’m getting security notifications of new device logins that attribute Brave to being a Chrome browser. Can anyone explain to me why this is? Thank you!

@DrewS75 That’s because Brave is Bill tonic chromium browser. That means it has the fundamentals of chrome but has increased security and is a little bit separate. Get it also has the perks of being able to install extensions that are made available for Google Chrome.

Yeah for sites like the one you’re referring to it reads the browser as if it’s chrome even though it’s not.

Brave is built atop the open-source project Google and others maintain. (Google uses Chromium to provide the source code for its Chrome browser.) The back-end technologies that power Chrome — including the Blink rendering engine and the V8 JavaScript engine — also power Brave.

@Saoiray Thank you for the clarification. I’m sure I’m wrong here, but being that I switched from Chrome to Firefox and now to Brave (because I’ve heard both Chrome and to a lesser extent, even Firefox do/can open you up to being tracked), and then receive these notifications had me a bit concerned. I do hope I’m wrong and that by Brave using the same Chromium provided source code doesn’t put me and others in the same security-related boat they would be in by using Chrome.

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