Why there are many problem with payment brave is it a good browser?

hello i writh many DM to steeven but no answer i understand he’s busy because the brave browser have many pronlem and bug and other we don t understand really how it work i want to know why i didnt receive my rewards on uphold but the bat just in wallet but not on uphold wallet all the month when payment come many many problem i am not alone so please or find an issu because we will stop to use brave or answer please and fix a problem please I hesitate to completely stop using brave because no month is normal in the payments and yet we do not even receive them is it a beta version or what ???
i wait answer and i wait my bat aproximatly 60 bat i didn t received it.

Brave is a baby, it was born in 2016. It’s still a new project and it has a small team (for now). Uphold support was added (AFAIK) last year and is a recent thing.

Also, now brave is having a big boom on users since it’s token came out, this year was the bitcoin halving and apearently everyone wants to be on board one way or another.

As for me, i’m not a very old users, i started using it at the begining of this year and even i have also had some issues now and then (and i still have them) with the browser, but nothing that big or something i can’t tolerate. But i still have fate in it.

Be patient, this is starting.

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hello i used it since it begun but at the begining it works vry well received bat and all but now since 2020 very very bad many bug no fix so just paid me my lost bat but the issue is ultimately not resolved i understand nothing with this browser save time…how i received ads sometime i receive sometimes not i don t understand they don t explain sometime i closed it i open it i refresh i close i refresh and ohhhhhhh ads come back whats that i don t understand how it work i am lost

hello please if someone can answer please i reveived nothing yet i wait for 60 bat approximatly.
if stteven can help me or other support menber

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