The problem with ad payouts! Users who are faced with the same situation write in the topic so that the administration will pay attention

Many people have faced this problem, that there is no payment for January and February for advertising, I have been using brave since January, if I accumulate 10 BAT in the browser, I only get 2 BAT in Uphold and that’s it, my friends and acquaintances have the same problem, with January, problems began with payments, friends who have been using the browser since October say that this has not happened before, in December 2020 everything was fine, what is the brave team going on?
give us an answer, besides the fact that we constantly have to throw off DM for you, why doesn’t everything happen automatically? During the month of January, you identified a problem and said that the team is investigating, but the problem remains!
Many people don’t even know about the forum, they just stop using a browser that doesn’t keep its promises! And even on the forum there are many people who do not receive a reward. The guys faced the same problem, write your situations below.


that what i got from Brave Creators

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I have this problem as well. I got very small amounts in partial payments on January and February but almost all my BATs are still pending after the process being announced as completed. I already contacted @steeven and I trust it will be solved soon.

Screen Shot 2021-02-10 at 4.41.07 PM


@steeven Please, give us an explanation of this situation, because this is a problem for all users, even those partial payments come, they are not full, and they are not debited from the browser account. Please pay attention to this, it is a clear problem in the system!

Hi @DondOn - please send me your wallet id in a DM. With this information I’ll be able to help.

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what about my problem? I have already DM you the requested details

have also DM’d you about this problem with my details

If you have already sent you information to @steeven or another Brave team member, please be patient as we work through our large volume of tickets. We will get to yours as soon as we can. Thank you.

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