Why is US English NOT used in spell check?

I LOVE the Brave browser, used them ALL (browsers) back to the LYNX browser on the NCP internet.
The ONE problem I have is the use of “english”. It’s NOT!!! It LOOKS like a a foreign national coder is trying to learn English as they go, instead of being a native English user. On the US release browser, can we have US ENGLISH, in the spell checker, using US air traffic control “guidelines” for use AND spelling of the English language here on CONUS. The spell checker comes up with EVERY FOREIGN VARIANT of a basic English word. Please FIX this!
I can reproduce this all day long. It’s EVERY time, ON ANYTHING, and it gives me everything EXCEPT US “english”. Of course my settings are correct! I KNOW it CAN’T be fixed, but this is a heads up.

Brave v1.6.1

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  • Can you show a screenshot of your Spell Check settings?

  • Can you show an example of where there is an issue?

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