Why I uninstalled Brave

Brave is a great concept and as a publisher I gave it a go for a couple of months, but after difficulties with Uphold verification and lack of human support, I have uninstalled Brave. I will no longer be recommending that my supporters use this browser, until such time as Brave offers reward payment options other than the crypto platform Uphold. Can you please offer a Paypal or direct credit to bank account option (as is available for Google Adsense and other platforms from which I receive publisher revenue). Solve that issue and I will return, so please publicise it widely if it happens.


Uphold has indeed been a nightmare for some and the rewards platform was created from scratch and is in constant improvement including brave the browser

Oth just like to ask what problems do you have with the browser that led to uninstallation of it

Even if you remove brave i.e brave browser you still are a verified publisher and will recieve contributions and referal rewards which is good

Looks like you made the wrong choice i.e you needed to delete your publishers account and keep using brave with advertizement rewards turned off or to put it simply go to settings page and disable and hide yor local wallet i.e the red triangle
Thanks for trying out brave

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