Is it time to uninstall brave browser?

Is it me or anyone else who is using verified uphold account not receive BAT payout. I don’t see the point using brave anymore because I can’t accumulate BAT nor receive payout. As far as AD blocking is concerned we can use several extensions on google which provide more seamless experience than brave. I want the community to decide on this !!!

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If you’re connected to Uphold and still don’t receive payouts then that’s an issue that can be solved.
Are you talking about this month’s payout or is it also previous payouts you’ve missed?
If previous payouts also. Then raise a ticket at

YES because they are not solving our problem to connect with wallet

Same with me bro . Go uninstall!!

the crypto rewards are just a small benefit in the eco system of brave. the privacy and non intrusive behaviours benefits and everything else that brave offers are more valuable than just the rewards IMO

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Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes let’s uninstall.

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Time to go to that other browser who pay without kyc

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