No payment for a year / Brave Creators

Dear Community,

I have been using Brave Browser for several years.

My Brave Creator account is connected to Uphold and verified.

Unfortunately, I have not received a payout since December 2020, although there are still almost 20 BAT displayed.

Payout is pending since one year and the report is being created. Nothing changes.

I already tried to re-link and verify uphold but no money is sent to uphold. What can I do?

Thank you and best regards jonas

Doesn’t anyone have any idea what I can do? Thought this was an honest project and not a scam

I also don’t receive since March 2021 I changed my wallet to verified gemini and also nothing to receive

Thank you for your confirmation. It is a great pity. I think the developers don’t give a sh… either. I will probably delete brave and advise all acquaintances against it. Luckily I didn’t invest much and only distributed it to just under 100 company pcs. Rip

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They tell people there is a problem, asks them to send wallet-id ( or whatever its called ) and they become silent. Why? Because they dont know what the problem is.

This whole browser is one, huge SCAM

Can’t even login to brave as I reached device limit. I sent a wallet unlinking request almost3 weeks ago and I haven’t heard a reply ever since.

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