Brave Rewards problems I've experienced including Feedback

I’ve been using Brave Browser since the very early days and am one of the first 1500 Brave Creators to be fully verified.

I’ve had to deal with everything from Uphold’s terrible Customer Service to lackluster Authy 2FA authentication.

Most of the fixes that have been implemented are because of how vocal of I’ve been about Brave as a Company and Platform.

I’m going to cliff note all the things wrong with Brave Rewards / Basic Attention Tokens and the general over abundance of support tickets that could be solved incredibly easily as I’ve experienced every single one of these issues

I have not received my Brave Rewards for nearly 4 months I’ve got every imaginable response and the development teams don’t even seem to know what they are doing at all these are the questions I’ve been asked and my answers that literally completely fix common problems on the platform

Q: Are you KYC (Know your customer) verified with Uphold Inc
A: Yes and I’ve been so since the very beginning Uphold Inc is an unlicensed unregulated $crypto exchange hosted in Central Europe with a completely unverified Twitter Account that can be easily spoofed too not to mention they had people exploiting their mail server heavily. If Uphold Inc just gets licensed it would correct many issues people are having especially with KYC. Brave could also just move away from Uphold and just use CIVIC for KYC or various other incredibly easily , safe and secure alternatives to Uphold Inc KYC. Forcing us to use Uphold Inc puts all of us at risk and is also completely asinine. Just allow us options to cash out to better more secure Ethereum Wallets even ones that are Browser based considering Brave is now based on Chromium (Built on an Open Source version of Google Chrome Browser)

Q: Have you verified your channels and if you moved your channels have you re-verified the channels onto your new account?
Q: Yes and they’ve been verified for nearly 2 years not to mention this is an automated process and it makes absolutely 0 sense to require us to have our channels manually reviewed and flagged. We already had to fill out a significant amount of KYC just to even start using Brave Rewards and the fact that Brave Ads are %100 linked to Brave Rewards is another one of the asinine things about Brave. Do Brave Developers think is a good idea? How does this help main stream adoption when you require everyone to KYC verify and force them into Uphold Inc Centralization? Brave Browser is supposed to be a privacy centric Browser allowing you to view open and free data it’s like a wolf in sheep’s clothing Browser now.

The next issues I have are not really questions more so that they are statements. I’m constantly told a different answer from everyone from Brave Sampson that will tell me that he needs to contact Developers about it. Brave Asad will tell me that he’s being overworked and having to handle hundreds of thousands of tickets and backlogged heavily. The Community Forums here are constantly flooded with requests for ACTUAL support that goes either un-noticed or just out right closed and ignored. If you want a Globally Used supported Web Browser how do you think achieving it by overworking your staff and then ignoring actual users complaints is going to make it Globally Used it’s going to make that happen? Globally Blacklisted and everyone is going to move to another Browser is more likely. A Browser that even though it has just as much Centralization it’s still better to use and problems are fixed faster.

The final statement I’d like to make is that I’m incredibly confused as to why any of this is even remotely difficult to achieve. Why does the average user that has issues and problems with the Platform literally have to wait weeks for any help? Another content delivery network and fully decentralized platform of Content Sharing and support of Content Creators LBRY literally answers within 10 minutes. There’s thousands of people on the Discord at any given time ready to help anyone and everyone. Payments are not stuck in the Platform it’s Blockchain based and it’s not reliant on anyone the network runs on it’s own independent of Centralized Control. Why have you turned a platform with a Cryptocurrency that was supposed to have a basis of being all about the end user to now all about your profit margins and disgusting business practices? Please for the love of all things that are open media fix these issues.

Finally I really hope that these issues I have constantly had are fixed and I really greatly hope you help the end user. I’m very much considering completely moving off of Brave Browser / Brave Rewards and not continuing to be a Brave Creator. I don’t feel Brave using Brave Browser anymore I feel like a slave to a corporation.

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I’m not sure how I got to this conversation from June19?
It is timeous though, since I have just spent some puzzling hours in the uphold / publisher verification process and now, with interest, read views expressed here which may be apropos.
Thanks @FuryDoge for laying out your responses to the Brave Rewards Scheme. I’d be happy to read some relevant, current reply to your comments? :thinking:.