Why I can't be paid as a creator

I was trying to link my Twitter profile with brave creators but It’s not allowing me to get funds.
Many users complained the fund is not sent when they tried to tip me.

Kindly provide the reasons for the same.
I am from India and the custodian is uphold.

if you need any further details I will share

@Mattches @SaltyBanana @moderators

Proof not a single site is allowed to get tips:

You said are from India, so your linking with Uphold are expired. If you try to unlink then relink the exchange it popups an error about unsupported region. Even if you keep it there the system already updated.

So now I am supposed to get the tip?

Also when these issues will be fixed + will I get my brave rewards of 3 bats?

Did you change your email?

Nopes- Its the same,

reply please @Mattches

Can you please send me a DM with the email you use that is associated with your Creator account so I can take a closer look? Thank you.

Sure, shared
Kindly take a look and share insights

Also want to advise it might be related to issue as linked below. Your situation would be the opposite of theirs, but it’s all the same. (They were Gemini, you’re Uphold. But yeah…)

But at least you have Mattches who will be checking in on it and can give you a more accurate and official answer. I just wanted to go ahead and share that for you and anyone else.

You’re likely seeing this because the person/people attempting to tip you have a wallet that is verified with a different custodial account than the Creator or it is not verified at all.

Basically, if a Creator has (for example) an Uphold custodial account linked to their Creator account, they will only be able to receive tips from users who are also verified via Uphold (for now) or from unverified wallets (note that an Uphold user cannot tip a Creator not verified with a custodian). This applies for accounts verified with Gemini as well.

I believe that we have plans to change this in the future, but for now this is the functionality and likely the reason someone trying to tip you would see this message.

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