Tips receiving problems

I created a publisher account days ago and connected it to my twitter, and YouTube accounts. My uphold account is connected and verified. Yet when I look in my browser to tip, it says I’m a verified creator but “ This creator is currently not configured to receive tips from your wallet.

Any tip you make will remain pending in your wallet and retry automatically for 90 days.”. I understand this is a common problem, how do I fix this?

@Manpreet There’s been an ongoing issue with Creators right now. It constantly shows Payout in Progress even if payments have sent. There’s no statements being generated, and we also are having some people (especially newer Creators) that are having that message show. I’m actually one of them.

The good news though is I had some tests done and when people sent me the tip, it did go through. In any case, I brought this up to @steeven on September 23 and he was passing it on to the team. I’m tagging again as I’m hoping he can give them another little nudge since the issue is not yet fixed

Please share your channel links (you tube/Twitter.

@Manpreet I just checked the link and I don’t get the same message.

So I’m not sure if yours has been fixed or what’s going on. But as I said earlier, I understand what you’re saying because mine is still showing the same error message as you reported.

I tagged @steeven the yesterday and he should hopefully be seeing this sometime this week.

Just so you know, the message that says not configured to receive tips from your wallet typically means it’s cross custodial. Such as someone that is Verified with Uphold can’t tip a Creator that is linked to Gemini. However, all my things are linked to Uphold, so wouldn’t be the problem for me.

@Sanskar You have now made multiple posts promoting your accounts and asking people to contact you outside of the site. This is not a place to promote your websites/accounts. Also, asking for contact on other sites makes it seem like you’re either trying to scam people or you’re phishing for data.

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Hi @Manpreet, can you DM me the email linked to your Creators account?

Fine now no assistance provided by me. Thanks.

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