My Creator account verified but couldn't send tip myself

Sorry , for the beginner question.
I saw many same problems here like i encountered. But everyone answered it worked fine.
Why can’t i send tips for me?

Below is the message i concern , what is the main reason? ( i already linked creator account to Bitflyer ( in japan) )

message on tip display:
This Brave Verified Creator has not yet configured their account to receive contributions from Brave Users. Any tips you send will remain in your wallet until they complete this process.


Verified Creator Account Still Unable to Receive BAT Tips

It looks like self-tipping is considered “cheating” (I don’t understand why, honestly).
So, even if you could tip yourself, your account could be blocked.

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Is your browser verified with Uphold and your creator account verified with Gemini by any chance?

There is an outstanding issue regarding that:

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Thanks for the reply.

Yes self-tipping is considered cheating is right.
But for testing(everything goes right and done), i think everyone wants to send tip linked site.

Thanks for the reply.

My brave browser linked to: Uphold acc.
My creator account linked to: Bitflyer acc.

Maybe this is same issue , linked to different acc.

That’s it then. People with unverified wallets will be able to tip you without any problems. Anyone who tells you it has to do with self-tipping clearly doesn’t know what they are talking about and should be ignored.

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Anyone found a fix for this?

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