Unable to be tipped on reddit "not configured to receive tips from your Rewards custodial wallet service"

So somebody on reddit pointed out that when tried to tip me he is receiving this message: “not configured to receive tips from your Rewards custodial wallet service”
How do I solve this? I’ve already tried disconnecting and reconnecting the wallet as well as the reddit channel on the creators site.

Most likely it’s user error, make sure TIPS are enabled for the website, it’s under the Brave Rewards tab.

unlikely since the user managed to tip other people on reddit

I seen that reddit post, im guessing this is yo profile?
Desktop Screenshot 2022.07.05 -
I would tip for a test but this shows enough to know it should work unless you got suspended.

yes that’s me. As per the OP: Update 2: Has worked with 3 people so far, but most have had issues so one user is posting about it on the Brave support forum.

So apparently there are others as well with this same issue

Nah, a lot of times it’s user error. Like people will go to YouTube or Reddit and click on the Triangle on their URL bar thing. Then it will show YouTube or Reddit as the Creator, not the person. You have to make sure you’re on their specific content or hit the right place.

A good example of this is Not able to tip to my reddit account

You’ll see in their picture they were on the generic Reddit page and clicked the Triangle. So the Creator it showed was reddit.com which is an unverified creator…as Reddit. They didn’t hit the Tip button under a username nor were they on a specific Creator page. They just were on Reddit normal. So unless they owned Reddit, of course it wouldn’t show their account and have it as their Verified page. Sadly, people just don’t pay attention

For this case however the user managed to tip 3 people on reddit while receiving the stated error for others. Pretty sure we can exclude user error then.

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You’re correct. I made a mistake in reading the error and was completely wrong in what I said. I apologize. We can say I was the one who didn’t fully pay attention this time around.

There is a difference between your issue and the one I talked about before. Your issue is like one I was just discussing with someone on Reddit, which you can see at https://www.reddit.com/r/BATProject/comments/vrnwf0/comment/iexaan2/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

So it did show them as a Verified Creator but it has the message:

NOTE: This creator is currently not configured to receive tips from your Rewards custodial wallet service. Any tip you make will remain pending and retry automatically for 90 days.

This means they are Verified with Brave but there’s an issue with their account. I am wanting to say that this is because they haven’t fully provided all the information they need. Usually one of two things.

  1. They didn’t complete all of the KYC/AML that’s required from Gemini or Uphold. Sometimes there’s email verifications or other things.
  2. It’s possible that #1 is finished, but their Profile is not complete. This happens often with Uphold where Users don’t put their entire mailing address, birthdate, etc in their Uphold profile. Even if they have completely verified with Uphold, if the Profile isn’t completely filled out, then usually Brave doesn’t see it as verified and won’t accept it. (This usually happens with User Rewards. Unsure if same with Creator)

I’d check those things first and see if it gets set up. Beyond that, would be needing to create a Support Ticket with Brave if it doesn’t resolve so they can hopefully let you know what the “missing link” might be. Support Ticket is https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360001302431

Ok thanks. For both points 1 & 2 my account is completely set up and complete with Gemini. I will open a support ticket.

The OP tipper in that thread was probably an Uphold user while you’re a Gemini user. That’s why they couldn’t tip you and got that message.

Someone else replied in the thread saying:

Please be aware anyone whose Creator account is connected to the partner exchange you are not connected to will appear as a verified creator who is not configured to accept tips from you. So if your browser is on Gemini and a Creator is on Uphold you cannot tip them. Cross-exchange tipping is not possible right now, and would require significant changes to Rewards (like migrating to an L2 chain) to make it possible due to gas fees.

For the record, I accessed your Reddit profile and I see that you’re properly verified and tippable, but I am using Gemini so that probably explains it.


Oh wow. I was not aware of this but it makes sense. Thanks for posting the quote from the moderator! I guess unverified accounts with balances can tip any creator? Might be a reason to have a balance in an unverified account profile…

I don’t know anything about creator accounts. Can you have a Gemini account and an Uphold account linked to the same creator account? And if yes, does Brave automatically deposit the tip to the correct partner account?

Yes, I do believe unverified accounts can tip any creator, which makes the limitation on verified accounts pretty hilarious :frowning:

You can only have one custodial wallet linked to your Creator account I believe. Originally it showed me both Gemini and Uphold as options for linking, but once I linked Gemini, the Uphold option disappeared.

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I’m going to have to run that by a few people. I guess it can make sense but you’d think they could pull tips from your Estimated Earnings if you had it. But I do comprehend the issue if going from Uphold on over maybe, due to gas fees as others mentioned.

Yet if it’s true that it’s because of the difference in Gemini/Uphold, then they should do a bit of a better job saying that in the notice rather than say “not configured.”

Sorry to tag you again @Mattches but can you confirm what’s being said here?

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But if estimated earnings has always been that easily accessible, then what’s the purpose of having to wait until the 8th of each month to have that deposited or claimable? There’s gotta be something else at play here that prevents estimated earnings from being used that readily.

I really hope they find some solution for tipping between Gemini and Uphold because it’s a huge limitation. You can’t expect everyone to swap custodians just so they can tip you.


  1. (easiest but not user friendly) allow creators to link both Uphold and Gemini
  2. (doubtful) transfer BAT out of Uphold/Gemini and back into local wallet without GAS fees somehow, and then allow users to tip from local wallet
  3. (rumored long-term solution) Make BAT independent of Uphold/Gemini and store-able in Brave Wallet + some KYC solution

To confirm yes I believe this is correct at this time. I’ll reach out to Creators team to confirm.

I like this one! Gets my vote! lol Although I don’t think there will be any KYC involved on Brave’s side… haven’t thought it through and don’t know if my imagination (or basic knowledge) would even get me very far if I did. :laughing:

Another question if you don’t mind. Since tips retry for 90 days, can you periodically switch between verifying with Gemini and Uphold to get any outstanding tips from one that were sent when you were verified with the other? Can that be done? In other words, are there any negative consequences in doing this?

KYC is essentially mandatory due to financial regulations. Either Brave does it, or they work with some third party.

Interesting idea. I don’t actually know as I’ve never tried this and I am unwilling to sign up for Uphold at this time.

that :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe a creator who does have an account with both Gemini and Uphold will drop in and provide some insight on whether switching can work or not. :crossed_fingers:

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Well, it all depends how they have things set up. The way I’m talking about is if they would tip and then when payouts process, it deducts tips from it. If a person wanted to tip and didn’t have the balance, they are kind of SOL.

So I choose to tip 5 BAT to someone. My Estimated Earnings are 9 BAT. Then when it processes I get 4 BAT sent to me and the 5 BAT to Creator.

I guess it sounded plausible in my mind but perhaps just too many moving parts.

Yeah, we’ll have to see. There was talk about p2p tipping once Solana came into effect. They haven’t really been answering questions on it when bought up though. Guessing it’s still planned but not wanting to reveal much OR it’s on the backburner while handling other project.

And whatever these new exchanges are going to be. They just had a teaser in the Community Call on Tuesday that they are in the midst of finalizing agreements and we’re going to have a new Exchange beyond just Gemini and Uphold available.

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There’d have to be some kind of IOU system then. Or maybe tipped BAT immediately goes to the creator first, and then later the same amount gets deducted from the tipper during payouts.

My opinion is that tipping is really meant to be an immediate transaction, usually in exchange for content, a particular service, or as gratitude. Giving someone a tip, only to realize that it will go through 3 or 4 weeks later during the payout period kinda sours the whole experience IMHO.

True. And the more exchanges there are, the more we need some kind of inter-exchange tipping. I am hopeful that the devs will figure something out.