my Bat are gone.

Hi! today in the afternoon, it appeared in my estimate, at least 0.300 bat to receive on April 5th. well! appeared. Now they no longer appear. I want to know what happened.
I am attaching the image with 40 adverts viewed. how can the value have disappeared?

Hi @Cleytonspanholi, some are able to fix this by

  • toggling the Ads off,
  • closing the tab,
  • reopen the Brave Rewards page, and
  • toggling Ads on again

Unfortunately, I have the same problem since yesterday! For month of March I received more than 200 ads and my estimatd BAT rewards were around 2,5 BAT (yesterday morning). Then, suddenly, it changed to 1,5 BAT. What is the reason and do I receive that lost 1 BAT or not? Thank you for any kind of help

Brave rewards|690x412

I understand, @Domzer . There were/ are many this has happened to, as I think there might be some technical issues going on.

Until Support addresses this, you can read through a few more similar threads, they might offer some more insight and tips.

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