Why don't have Ads. pop up to my PC?

Why don’t have Ads. pop up to my PC?
It is long time don’t have Ads. pop up to my PC.
I’m Chaiyawuth from Thailand.


The same thing happens to me here in SPAIN , no ads in weeks, and seriously, no clear and simple explanation for the rewards process. I am new in this token concept.

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I am having this same issue. I followed all the focus assist and notification guidelines. Brave does not show up in my notifications panel at all in windows settings.

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The same problem, in Italy

I’m just curious. Are you guys using VPN? Because if you are, maybe the VPN server location that your’e using isn’t a supported region by Brave or a region where there are just a few advertisers?

Hi users, I found this post after getting frustrated. See instructions from Medjan

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