Why doesn't Brave restore session when machine is rebooted?

Description of the issue:

I’ve noticed that if I simply reboot my Ubuntu desktop maybe due to a new kernel being installed and I do not shutdown my Brave browser, upon reboot no Brave browser would be restarted. When I restart it manually it will ask to restore the session. I thought applications can hook onto when they are being politely asked to shutdown or when an OS restart is requested and save state such that restarting the application after the reboot would restore the session. Why doesn’t Brave do this?

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): 1. 2. 3.

Start Brave. Maybe visit a few sites, have a few tabs. Then reboot the system. Upon reboot and restart of Brave you will be asked to restore the session. The session should automatically be restored.

Thanks for reaching out.
It actually looks like this has been reported previously as well:

I’ll add your report to this Github thread and ping some team members to take a look.

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