Brave Closing And Restore Button Bug Report

Several times when I’m using Brave with tabs open and Brave wasn’t shutdown/closed properly for example when my power cuts, it won’t restore my tabs. What happens is after I turn my computer back on and single click the Brave icon on my taskbar, Brave will open then immediately close so fast that I don’t even see the browser open for more than a split second and then when I open Brave for the second time it will only open a new tab and not ask me to restore my previous sessions before the power cut shutdown/sudden close. I think Brave will only offer to restore your previous sessions upon the first reopening of Brave but if that closes then Brave won’t ask on the second opening. Is there any other way to access the restore button? :confused:
Also, what’s up with the frequent freezing of Brave when switching between tabs? I then gotta close and reopen to continue my session. >:^(

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