Brave browser won't relaunch after closing

Brave browser won’t relaunch after closing. Even more, if i don’t execute “killall brave”, i won’t be able to poweroff my pc without forcing power button, the cursor won’t stop blinking in my tty after “reboot” command. I tried uninstalling brave-bin (-Rsn), installing from AUR again, disabling “hardware acceleration” and “running background apps” already. None of these possible workarounds fixed anything. I installed Chromium to test if my issue is persistent for every chromium browser, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. Chromium relaunches as it should.

I don’t know how could it be reproduced on any other system since browser was working flawlessly on mine, and suddenly broke. I was playing around with Lutris when I noticed that Brave doesn’t want to relaunch for the first time, don’t know if these could be any related.

v 1.62.165


Uninstalled with pacman -Rsn again, cleared paru and pacman cache, removed BraveSoftware directories from .config and .cache and installed brave once again. Seems got it fixed. Thanks everyone.

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