When I logout or restart my system I need to restore Brave windows

Ubuntu: 21.04
Brave: Version 1.28.88 Chromium: 92.0.4515.107 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)

If I log out or reboot my system, when I log back in Brave says I didn’t shut down properly and asks if it should restore the windows. If, however, I instead exit Brave before logging out or rebooting, and then when I log in again Brave restarts and restores all the windows and tabs (note I have a startup action to start Brave at login). Brave should catch the log out/shut down and cleanly save the environment so that when restarted it restores the windows and tabs.

Additionally, I use workspaces. if I have say two instances (i.e. 2 Brave windows) set to occupy all workspaces, and yet have another instance/window of Brave in workspace #2 I would hope that that would be restored at start up to. IOW 2 window/instances in all workspaces and the other window/instance in workspace #2.

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