How much BAT per month can I earn the most. from experience max 4 BAT

I have been using brave it for 3 months now. So far I have earned 4 BAT. he should get an additional 5 BAT this month. It was written to me that my prize was on the way, but it was lost. My balance should be 9 BAT and there are 4 BAT left. I also gained a maximum of 4 pistons per month, despite the fact that I earned more. I get a maximum of 20 ads a day and a maximum of 4 per hour. I am interested in the maximum payout BAT per month.

I’m wondering if it varies by country and region of the US. I spend about quite a few hours a day browsing and researching and my estimated BAT reward is like 13 BAT for the month so far. Is that reasonable or is something broken for me? I don’t want to get my account shut down because someone decides I’m earning too much BAT. LOL Maybe I should just turn off the ads after a certain point if that’s the case.

I’m in the US, Windows 10. I use the browser throughout the day, 10+ hours. Most I’ve gotten is <2 BAT / month.

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Your number definitely seems low if you have ads set to 10 and you’re actively browsing that much. I don’t think it counts if you just leave the browser window open. You have to actually be using it I believe.

10 ads an hour and 10 hours a day is 100 ads a day. Even if each ad was only 0.005 bat that’s 0.5 bat a day or ~ 15 bat a month. It may also be that some US regions get far more ads than other regions.

EDIT: I also think ads are curated depending on your browsing habits. Maybe that contributes to how many ads you are shown, too?

Yep, set at the max 10 ads per hour.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen 10 ads in an hour, though. Never even close to the theoretical max.

On my Android tablet, though, I use it way less and get way more ads. For April, it’s estimated at 8.5 BAT, which is the highest ever for me. Compare that to 15 BAT total since August 2021.

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